How much does it cost to franchise a Starbucks (in 2022)?

Do you want to run your own business? Would you like to run a Starbucks? In this post I go into depth on the options available to entrepreneurs.


How much does it cost to franchise a Starbucks?

The Starbucks coffee company brand is huge. There are over 32,000 Starbucks stores worldwide at time of writing, making it the biggest and most successful coffee chain in the entire world. Having a piece of that as a franchisee is obviously an attractive prospect. 

There are many benefits to the franchise model. It’s a quick way to build a successful business, and you have plenty of support from the brand. In this post I will take a close look at Starbucks and it’s franchise options. If you’re interested in hospitality franchises, this one’s for you.

How much does it cost to franchise a Starbucks: What is the Starbucks Experience?

The Starbucks Experience is a way of serving coffee essentially. If you remember the last time you were in a Starbucks, it probably all seemed rather effortless. However, employees are expected to promote the ‘experience’ by focusing on the three P’s:

  1. People. This refers to the Baristas and their relationship with customers
  2. Place. This is all about the place, right down to the unique coffee smell
  3. Product. This refers to the coffee (obviously) as well as the merchandise in the store

The concept is all about the Starbucks values. These were established when Howard Shulz, original CEO of Starbucks, set up the company.

How much does it cost to franchise a Starbucks in 2022?

The first thing you need to know is the bad news. If you live in the United States or Canada you can pretty much forget owning a franchise with this company. Starbucks just won’t let it happen. Instead, the company likes to offer licenses to business owners, rather than franchises.

In 2003, Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz, discussed the rationale behind the approach:

“We believed very early on that people’s interaction with the Starbucks experience was going to determine the success of the brand. The culture and values of how we relate to our customers, which is reflected in how the company relates to our [employees], would determine our success. And we thought the best way to have those kinds of universal values was to build around company-owned stores and then to provide stock options to every employee, to give them a financial and psychological stake in the company.”

You have more of a chance of franchising a Starbucks in the United Kingdom, where there is a different approach.

So where does that leave The United States and Canada?

Starbucks hasn’t abandoned entrepreneurs. It has a number of different ways for people to get their hands on a slice of the business. 

Seattle’s Best Coffee

Starbucks bought this back in 2003, and it is just one of the ways in which you can capitalize on the brand as an entrepreneur.

Seattle’s Best Coffee has stores and machines all across the United States, and the number of locations is rising. While it may not be considered ‘Starbucks coffee’ it has the full backing of the company. It is generally seen as a great way to start a business with lower costs and little risk.

This coffee is served in businesses too, including retail (You’ll find them at KFC, for example) and there are Seattle’s Best Coffee business units on university campuses and public buildings. 

The marketing and training support is phenomenal, with Seattle’s Best Coffee offering:

  • Messaging and marketing tactics.
  • Marketing ideas to drive sales and trial/repeat purchase.
  • Full line of branded cups (hot and cold) to get the “word out” on your offering.
  • SBC van to drive awareness and trial when you need it.
  • Live launch training
  • Online training support
  • Webinar support
  • Video library

(All information taken from Starbucks Branded Solutions)

This is a franchise opportunity, and as regards franchise fees and other costs, you will need:

  • At least $125,000 in liquid capital
  • A minimum net worth of $1 million
  • A full investment of between $180,000-$445,000

This is a more affordable option compared to a licensing agreement.

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How much does it cost to franchise a Starbucks: Licensed Stores

This is where you get to run a Starbucks coffee house. While you may not be a franchise owner, it at least allows you to run it as a business.

This option is overseen by Starbucks. The company will set you up as a licensed seller of the food and beverages, and do a number of things that will get you started. According to the company website, you will receive:

  • Unrivaled, customizable store design (you will still have to follow the core Starbucks aesthetic to a degree, chosen from their 18 designs)
  • Starbucks menu, equipment, training and support
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Proprietary equipment and fixture package
  • Exclusive Starbucks® food and bakery programme
  • Whole bean packaged coffee and comprehensive merchandise assortment
  • Ongoing expertise, consulting and support including onsite visits

So why do Starbucks only offer licenses?

That’s the way things are in the US and Canada. The general feeling is that Starbucks seems to want to have complete control over the product and the brand image in these two countries. And fair enough, it did all start in Seattle.

A licensed coffee shop is controlled by Starbucks. Entrepreneurs who take on this particular challenge and have their own Starbucks coffee shop will need to understand that the coffee retailer has high standards. Each store is very much held to the exact same high standards and product quality that you would expect from the corporate office.

The company has also been able to grow its store count by offering a diverse selection of products to a diverse group of coffee buyers. Starbucks distinguishes itself from its competitors by not franchising. 

How many Starbucks licensed stores are there in the United States?

According to, there were 6,497 Starbucks licensed stores in the US in 2021. That is compared to 8,947 company-owned stores. 

How much does the average Starbucks make per day?

This is obviously down to differences regionally and so on. Bear in mind that Starbucks is very quick to close down under-performing stores, so the average revenue must be consistent across all stores.

On average, Starbucks stores make around $500 per day profit.

When thinking about Starbucks, think location

The coffee shop chain has strict control over many aspects of the Starbucks license agreement. One of the key aspects is an attractive location, or what is often referred as ‘position’. You need to have a prime position before Starbucks will even consider offering you a license.

The main concern is foot traffic. If you don’t have a location that is busy with coffee-loving patrons, then you have a very slim chance of acquiring that license. This is why so many licensed stores are in airports and hotels. 

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How much does it cost to franchise a Starbucks: The next step

If you think you are the type of person who can make a Starbucks successful, then begin the license application process. Go to the Starbucks Branded Solutions website and fill out the application form. The form is quite detailed, and will ask for:

  • What kind of business you manage
  • Business information such as your name and address 
  • Contact information
  • Products that you will offer

Then, the more detailed part of the process kicks in. Expect to be asked specific questions about you and why you would make a valuable licensed store owner. The company will also look at your vision for competitiveness in the food and beverage industry. It’s quite heavy stuff, but if you want your own Starbucks store badly enough, you should be ready for this.

And the money?

Starbucks usually expects that you have around $700,000 in liquid assets (cash you have to spend) for the funding part of the operation. Add to that the $315,000 for the actual licensing fee (permission to use the name and other branding elements).

What about the store design?

You will know the brand ‘look’ for Starbucks. It’s very much iconic now. As a license owner, you get all of that as part of the deal.

When it comes to store design, there is a little bit of a perk here. While the Design Studio for Starbucks has 18 designs that you will have to use as a starting point, after that you can customize to some degree. Many license holders tailor their stores so they fit in more naturally to the particular location. This gives you an opportunity to create a truly local Starbucks 

What does the license actually include?

There is a comprehensive licensing package supplied by Starbucks, which includes:

  • Store design that can be customized 
  • Food and bakery items that are exclusive to Starbucks 
  • Expertise, consulting, and onsite visits to provide ongoing support 
  • Fixtures and equipment proprietary to the company so you know they are the best available 
  • Promotions during the year 
  • Menus, equipment, training, and support for Starbucks 
  • A comprehensive product line of packaged Whole bean coffee and merchandise based on the Starbucks trademark

The verdict

In 2022 there is a real sense that the time is right to start your own business. The pandemic is approaching a different phase, where vaccines are widely available and part of everyday life for many. 

If you live outside the USA and Canada, go for the franchise option. That makes sense (presuming you can work long hours and truly love the brand). If you don’t live in the rest of the world, your only option is licensing the business model in North America and Canada.

And that’s not a bad thing. You get an amazing package of materials and support, and a ready customer base. The only thing that might stop you from taking the opportunity is the cost of the total investment. While investing over $1,000,000 in a licensed operation or franchise is par for the course for big-brand restaurants and fast food places, it is still a cool million plus for a license fee.

To sum up, it’s an amazing opportunity, if you can afford it.

Ice Vending Machine Business: Read Before You Invest

Would you like to run your own business? Have you considered running an ice vending machine business? In this post I will take you through exactly what you need to know to get started as an ice vending machine business owner in the United States.

What is an ice vending machine business?

It is basically a passive income generator. You purchase a number of machines and have them in various high-traffic locations such as convenience stores. Then the vending machines make money as they are used by customers. The machines dispense quality ice, and you make a profit. With only a small investment, an ice vending machine business is a great way to develop a source of passive income that you can scale. In that sense, many entrepreneurs see it as a good investment.

Why own an ice vending machine business?

There are a number of reasons, but I can break it down into the following four:

  • It’s efficient. As a business owner, you won’t face many of the efficiency issues other busiensses have. You won’t need to hire staff, for example. There is also no need for inventory tracking either. These aspects are built in to the business and it’s operations.
  • Low startup costs. Sure, you can’t start your own ice machine business for free, but you can expect reasonable prices as well as a sensible initial investment. It’s also often the case that there is flexibility around financing. It can be one of the more lucrative additions to your business portfolio
  • It’s steady. Unlike many things in life when it comes to business, people will always need ice. Even if it’s just for an ice cube or two for a drink. And ice sales are constant during economic downturns.
  • It’s almost ‘hands-off’. You will have to be part of your vending business to a certain degree, but you won’t have to be anywhere near your machines. Some machines even allow you to check them remotely as they work in retail locations such as convenience stores

What’s the cost of an ice vending machine?

They are not as costly as you might think. Ice House America is one of the leading brands for ice machines and it says that you can generally expect prices for a machine to range from $43,000 to $150,000. For a business that could eventually bring considerable passive income, that isn’t too much money. And if you’re concerned about buying the unit and repairs etc. the machines usually come with a full manufacturer’s warranty for a year.

There are some machines out there that can cost as little as $20,000. However, you will need to be careful here. The price range quoted in the previous paragraph can offer a machine with a long life. If you buy one for $20,000 you may find out it needs a lot of repair and maintenance within just a couple of years. These repair costs could cost you a lot of money in the long-term.

They’re pretty tough too, with ice vending machines expected to last up to 20 years. This means you don’t have to worry about purchasing a new vending machine a couple of years down the track.

The type of business you run is dependent on what you want and what the vendor can offer. For example, some companies offer only a franchise model, where you have to pay a portion of your profits to them alongside franchise fees. Others will sell you the machine outright. The reason why someone might go for the franchise model is that there is generally more help from the vendor on setting up and so on. But buying outright means you get to keep all the profits.

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Then you have to think about placement. High traffic locations are absolutely crucial to this type of business. The perfect location is generally one that has plenty of potential customers. These tend to be office buildings for example, but some of the best locations include a gas station or inside convenience stores. Believe it or not, some companies are happy for you to place one on their premises for zero cost. Others will charge and you will need to shop around for the best deal for you.

It is a good idea to make sure the vending machine you choose accepts only remote payments. That way, you’re able to streamline your business. In terms of credit card payments, you will incur minimal ongoing costs. Nevertheless, it is only a minimal cost, which saves you from having to visit your machine on a frequent basis.

Maintenance is one of your biggest ongoing costs. Equipment breaks down occasionally. It is therefore critical that you have a maintenance company at hand. There are companies that specialize in this kind of maintenance. You don’t want to leave your machine for too long without repairs. Check on your machines regularly to minimize repair costs. Contact your maintenance person as soon as possible when something goes wrong. Even if it is something as simple as a water dispenser problem, if you don’t alert maintenance experts quickly, it will cost you money.

While we’re on the subject of maintenance…

How to maintain your ice vending machine

Like most appliances and machines, you can do a lot of the maintenance work yourself just by looking after the units.

Since they don’t need to be restocked regularly, ice vending machines require less upkeep than most vending machines. If you keep an organized schedule and plan in place, your machine will be in perfect working condition and your customers will be satisfied, while consuming the least amount of time and energy.

Keep a detailed maintenance schedule

Stay organized if you want your vending machine maintenance to stay on track. Maintaining a written plan that outlines the steps you need to take and when they need to be taken is a good way to keep from getting behind. Keep a spreadsheet on your computer or on your phone, or a schedule in your office. The schedule should include:

  • Clean surfaces, remove dirt and mud, empty trash cans, disinfect surfaces.
  • Clean ice maker, augers, and add salt each month.
  • Clean machine floors, aerate freezers, and sanitize water dispensers as needed

Plan for water contamination events and monitor them

A local water supply supplies water to your ice and water vending machines. As a result, you will need to watch for water advisories if you have ice vending machines installed anywhere. If the water supply in your area is contaminated or water advisories are issued, you’ll need to take additional cleaning measures. 

Prepare a water advisory maintenance plan that includes:

  • Clean the applicator, the container, the bin, and the auger
  • Remove the sediment and dechlorinator filters
  • Place towels on the machine floor to keep the floor clean while you are performing maintenance, or sanitize the floor afterward

Maintaining and repairing the lot

Improve the appearance of your vending machine to encourage customers to visit it. Adding maintenance steps such as light bulb replacements or surface repairs might be necessary if you own the lot. The land owner may need to be consulted about repairs if you don’t own the lot.

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How much will my ice vending machine business make?

Obviously, you’ll have to work hard and make sure you actively run the business, but the industry can be one that brings considerable income. If you go with the average price points and the expected sales volume in the industry, you can look forward to a net income of around $3,600 per month. Average costs for the month are around $230.

Everest Ice and Water Systems is an INC Top 5000 company and provides a very useful profit calculator on it’s website. Take a look at the calculator here for a realistic idea of your income prospects with ice machines.

A bag of ice is not a huge business cost. Each 100 pounds of ice typically costs $0.25 in water and electricity.

Therefore, a bag of ice weighing 20 pounds might cost as little as $0.05 in utilities. Some people bring coolers, but for those who use bags, they will each cost around $0.10.

This means the variable cost of a 20 pound bag of ice is just under $0.15. If the bag is sold for $1.75, your variable profit is $1.60.

  • A $35,000 machine has a life of 10 years, so it costs around $300 a month.
  • Assume your rent is $300 per month. At $1.60 per bag profit, you would need to sell 375 bags per month to break even.
  • Each day, this amounts to about 12 or 13 bags. Naturally, you’d rather do more than break even, you’d like to make a profit.
  • It is therefore critical that you find a site that attracts 30 customers or more per day

Renting a site

You will likely have to spend some money to rent a site that attracts 30 or more customers per day.

In some areas, it could cost as much as $500 per month.

Gas stations and convenience stores both cater to the same types of customers, so the first place to start is there.

At least 10,000 cars per day is probably a good target.

Furthermore, there should be easy access to the ice machine, good ingress and egress, and road accessibility alongside parking blocks.

With $300 per month in capital costs (machine and site work) and $300 per month in rent, multiplied by an additional $100 per machine per month in licenses, maintenance, repairs, and other costs, the break even point is approximately 14 to 15 bags per day.

If 50 bags were sold per day, a machine would produce about $1700 per month in profit.

How much energy does a machine use?

With environmental concerns now a priority, as well as financial concerns, it’s important to be aware of how much energy your machine will use.

Here is a handy calculator I found online that will give you the full picture on the typical rate of ice maker energy use.

Next steps

To get started with your ice vending machine business take the following steps:

Set up your business by choosing a name and arranging for a logo to be created. The logo is quite easy to take care of. You can head to any freelance websites like Fiverr and get a designer to do it for you there. It won’t hit your bank account hard and will enable you to start branding your business.

Then create a website for your business. Again, this is not expensive, and you can even set up free websites via Google and WordPress. Don’t worry too much about making the site perfect, it’s more about making sure that you have a presence online. Getting your vending machine business listed on Google is also important. Do this by creating a Google My Business listing. You can then be found by people looking for vending services in your area.

Then establish an LLC, corporation, or any other business entity you intend to use for your business. An attorney can help you with your business entity formation, or you can use online resources that can help you do this yourself.

Then, head on over to:

Ice House America

The Ice Depot

Bag of Ice

These are great places to start with setting up your own ice vending machine business.

Want to learn about another opportunity? Take a look at my extensive guide to Quiznos franchises. Or how about my guide to can vending machines?

Too much to think about? Try Todoist to get your life (and ice) in order.

Quiznos Franchise Costs (In-depth analysis)

Do you want to own your own business? In this post I take a deep dive into the Quiznos fast food franchise, including a look at Quiznos franchise costs and how to get started.

The company was created in the United States in 1978. It started out with the name Sandwich World. It wasn’t until 1981 that the company changed its name to Quiznos.

Soon there were Quiznos locations all across America. The restaurant business also opened up store operations in Canada during the 1980’s. By 2013 Quiznos had become the second largest fast food chain for subs in North America. This placed it just behind Subway.

The original Quiznos was located in Denver, Colorado. Jimmy Lambatos and Todd Disner set it up in the Capitol Hill area. That first Quiznos store soon became known for its food quality. Quiznos made toasted subs and at the time this was an innovation in the sandwich restaurant industry.

Quiznos first started offering franchises in 1983. Rick Shaeden and his father opened their first Quiznos franchise in Colorado in 1987. By 1991 they had bought the entire chain from the original founders. It then became the Quiznos Franchise Corp.

More than 500 restaurants in North America and more than 200 in 31 countries make Quiznos a viable option in urban and suburban areas as well as non-traditional locations, including colleges, airports, hospitals, and more. There is wide open access to both U.S. and international markets.

With thanks to

Quiznos Values

If you want to run your own business and have some restaurant management experience, this is a clear business opportunity. Having your own Quiznos means aligning yourself with the brand values:

  • Entrepreneur – Take Ownership of Your Restaurant, Stand by Your Results, and Learn from Your Successes and Failures.
  • Leadership – Excel within Your Community and Guide Your Restaurant and Team Members.
  • Experience – Use Your Previous Restaurant Knowledge to Succeed with Your Future Business Growth.
  • Diligence –Give Maximum Effort Every Day and Proactively Respond to Change for Your Restaurant to Succeed.
  • Quality – Provide a Restaurant Experience to the Customer with Great Tasting Food and a better food choice in an inviting environment.

Quiznos Franchise Costs: What will I sell?

The main item on the menu will be Quiznos subs. These are what the brand is based on. However, like many other sandwich chain brands, Quiznos offers a wider menu. Quiznos is also known for soup, pizzas and salads.

Although it is no longer a novelty, Quiznos will forever be known for it’s toasted subs. And that is what will get the customers turning up. The Quiznos brand has been built on that core concept of toasted sandwiches made with fresh ingredients.

The ingredients are what made Quiznos such a big deal in the first place. The restaurants don’t use processed cheese and they ensure that all meat is high quality. There is also plenty of choice, with customers able to select the ingredients they want in their subs.

Quiznos franchise costs: How do I start?

In order to apply for a franchise, you can use one of two methods. The franchise agreement can either be downloaded from the Quiznos website or you can fill in the application online. Upon completing the application, you will be contacted to start discussions. The franchisor and you must both be sure you are a good fit for each other.

Quiznos Franchise Costs: What support will I receive?

As part of the franchise agreement, the franchisor must provide franchisees with the following assistance:

  • A suitable outlet/restaurant location will be found for you, with Quiznos locating real estate on your behalf
  • If financial assistance is required, the franchisor will be able to connect you with approved lenders
  • Architects appointed by the franchisor will draft plans for your outlet
  • A licensed architect / contractor will obtain the necessary planning permissions on your behalf
  • Shop fittings will be provided
  • Deliveries and installations of signage and equipment will take place
  • Training will be provided to you in every aspect of building your Quiznos building, in-store operations training for three weeks, and managerial training for four days. You will take part in some of the training through the Quiznos University, including a focus on the Quiznos business model.
  • Lastly, a designated franchise manager will provide you with whatever guidance you need to open your store, during its opening, and afterward.

When considering a location for a prospective franchisee, Quiznos asks the following questions:

  • Are drivers able to see the location from the road? Is it visible to pedestrians?
  • Is the location easily accessible by car? Could it be reached on foot easily?
  • Are there multiple traffic generators in the area? Is the location already popular among residents? Does the location have other attractions nearby?
  • Is this location popular during lunchtime?
  • Are there other businesses and residences near this location?

Online training

Franchisees will have access to the Quiznos online training platform before attending further training sessions. Modules include educational topics such as the brand, the recipes, how to prepare the sandwiches, the POS system, and how to train employees. As a result of the online training platform, once you have graduated from the training facility, and are ready to open your new restaurant, you have access to the necessary information about your new business no matter where you are in the world.

Classroom training

There will also be several classroom-style training sessions to prepare you to run a successful business. Among the skills that Quiznos will teach you are how to market your business effectively on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and how to hit the pavement in your community to sell catering services to small businesses in your area. Furthermore, Quiznos teaches you how to read Profit and Loss statements, develop a business plan, and grow your business.

Ongoing coaching

Your field representative will visit or call you regularly to determine how well you’re accomplishing the goals you set for your new business, as well as to answer any questions and resolve any issues that arise. You’ll benefit from this ongoing presence in the form of peace of mind, holding you accountable, and assisting you in scaling your business.

Quiznos Franchise Costs: Do I need experience?

In franchising, Quiznos looks for certain experience, focus, skills, and attributes. Master Franchisees in the UK speak of drive, commitment, teamwork, passion, and hard work. Franchisees at Quiznos are also appreciated for their management experience.

It is essential for you to be eager to learn the ropes of the business, ambitious to grow your business and perhaps to open multiple locations, be strongly self-driven, have clear and developed leadership skills, and have access to the required financial resources.

Franchisees who are veterans have proven success following systems, procedures, and processes that make for successful businesses. The company operates on systems. In franchising, following procedures and implementing systems with the precision emphasized in military training is an effective strategy.

Quiznos franchise costs: How much?

To become a franchisee of Quiznos, you will be required to pay an initial franchise fee of around $17,000. You will also need some equity capital to become a franchisee of Quiznos. An additional fee of $68,000 is quoted by the franchisor on top of the franchise fee. This is a fairly typical startup fee for a fast food franchise.

Along with other expenses taken into consideration, your set-up and startup costs may be as high as $255,000.

Franchise fees, real estate agent and legal fees, design and construction costs, signage, a point-of-sale system, and advertising for the opening of your outlet can affect the costs.

Quiznos Franchise Costs: What are the ongoing costs?

Quiznos franchisees will have to pay 4 per cent of their gross sales for advertising fees and 7 per cent for royalties. You may use the remaining funds to cover overheads such as rent, utilities, salaries, and so on. If your business is successful, you may well be able to draw a salary.

Quiznos franchise costs: A turnkey operation

From your first franchise enquiry until your first day in business and beyond, Quiznos offers you turnkey services. Within 24 hours of completing the survey, the architect will draw up plans for the site. The process generally takes four to six weeks. The team of architects, contractors and shopfitters will get your store built on time and to an excellent standard. Planning permissions and construction regulations will also be handled by them. You will receive a key when the store is ready so you can start trading.

Quiznos Franchise Costs: Do I get a guaranteed income?

Franchise income varies according to various factors, including how much and how well franchisees work. How much income you make is entirely up to you. A typical franchisee claims that the restaurant can be up and running, earning income, in as little as six months.

Quiznos Franchise Costs: What about marketing?

Your brand and advertising are supported nationally, but you must also carry out local marketing, especially during your pre-launch and first few months. The right marketing campaign will build Quiznos brand loyalty and result in sales growth. The training that you receive will also consist of assistance in planning a ‘grand opening’ and receiving a store ‘toolkit’.

Quiznos Franchise Costs: So what’s the problem?

Bad luck, basically. When Quiznos was at its peak, it was a huge success. Early in the 2000s, the chain became a formidable competitor to Subway, with its innovative national advertising and a focus on online marketing. Contrary to its larger rival, it served toasted subs rather than cold sandwiches.

Arby’s and Firehouse Subs currently operate a combined 4,300 locations, putting the Quiznos chain’s size of 4,700 in 2007 in perspective. Yet those 4,700 locations were based on weak economic fundamentals of low unit volumes and low profits.

Rick Schaden, the chairman of Consumer Capital Partners, sold a minority stake in Quiznos to private equity firm CCMP Capital Advisors in 2006. Several hundred million dollars of the company’s debt remained after the leveraged buyout. A loan obligation of $875 million was part of Quiznos’ bankruptcy filing in 2014.

Assumed in a leveraged buyout is the ability for the company to continue growing, since money from the company goes to pay the previous owners. This type of buyout is fairly common.They’re also highly risky. In fact, Quiznos would turn out to be the scariest scenario.

Then Subway just kept getting bigger and bigger.

Small toasters were added to each Subway location in 2005, diminishing the company’s competitive advantage. This weakened the small chain’s position. Then Subway introduced its $5 footlong subs. When Quiznos tried to compete by discounting, it made a big mistake. A famous incident occurred when the company sent out a coupon for a free sandwich in 2009, and franchisees revolted and refused to accept it due to the low profits and discounts. Quiznos’ problems worsened as a result.

The free subs and Subway’s $5 footlong offer coincided with the recession’s start. Consumers cut back on eating out because of the recession. Federal data indicate that restaurant sales actually declined in 2009, a remarkably unusual event. The recession hit many companies. Bankruptcies were commonplace. Almost all of Quiznos’ franchisees made very little profit. Many of them closed their stores.

In 2009, 700 locations were closed. Around 800 more closed in 2010. On Craigslist, it was possible to buy Quiznos equipment for pennies. Although Quiznos could have helped those franchisees, it still owed money. The food sales were crucial for funding. Consequently, the chain continued to close stores.

There is good news, however: the financial strategies that led to many closures have been changed. In addition, the company’s unit volumes have risen: Average unit volumes rose 3.9% in 2017.

Then REGO Restaurant Group, a private equity firm that specializes in transformational opportunities, acquired Quiznos. In mid-2019, High Bluff Capital Partners and REGO began an evolutionary process when they partnered with Prophet, a business transformation consultant. According to REGO president Mark Lohmann, several members of the management team have worked with Prophet at previous companies. In this regard, Quiznos knew it would get what it wanted-a brand revitalization.

Prophet conducted in-depth market research and provided recommendations based on consumer insight during the process. A new store prototype was created with updated design, new menu items, and drive-thru ambitions. This new model was introduced to franchisees in 2020.

The verdict

It is fairly clear that Quiznos has been through the mill. The food industry is notoriously difficult to navigate, but Quiznos has had a particulalrly rough time.

The main reason for that bad experience is bad business strategy. But brands can bounce back, and Quiznos still has national brand recognition even against the mighty Subway franchise operation. Quiznos restaurants may have dwindled for a while, but expansion into other countries is continuing, and the REGO factor seems promising.

The next step

According to Quiznos, this is the process:

Request Information

  • Complete the form to start the communication process
  • Speak to a Quiznos Franchise Development Manager

Initial Application

  • Complete application
  • FDD signed & returned
  • Financial Review
  • Speak with a Franchise Development Manager

Final Approval

  • Business plan review
  • Site review and approval
  • Sign franchise agreement
  • Secure financing

Training + Construction

  • Sign lease
  • Begin construction
  • Quiznos University


  • Store grand opening
  • Instore and ongoing operational support

All in all, I feel the new direction for Quiznos is promising stuff. With low initial investment costs and a great support offering, this could well be one of the best franchises around right now.

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With more than 2800 restaurants worldwide, Arby’s Inc. is a subsidiary of Triarc Companies, Inc. Among other things, Arby’s is known for its roast beef sandwiches. Their food franchises in the United States allowed the chain to expand briskly during the 1970s and 1980s. Arby’s had more than 2,500 stores by 1995.

Want to learn more about investing in an Arby’s franchise? Read Arby’s franchise cost: (read before you invest).

Arby’s Franchise Cost: (Read Before You Invest)

Are you thinking of buying into a franchise? Confused about what to do? This post looks at Arby’s, an established and resilient food franchise.

In this post, you will learn:


With more than 2800 restaurants worldwide, Arby’s Inc. is a subsidiary of Triarc Companies, Inc. Among other things, Arby’s is known for its roast beef sandwiches. Their food franchises in the United States allowed the chain to expand briskly during the 1970s and 1980s. Arby’s had more than 2,500 stores by 1995.

Right now, there are more than 3,400 restaurants in 8 countries. So it’s kind of a big deal.

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Forrest Raffel was born in May 1922. His younger brother Leroy Raffel was born on March 13, 1927. During World War II, both brothers served in the military (Forrest in the Air Force and Leroy in the Naval Reserve). Upon graduation from Cornell University’s School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration, Forrest opened his own business. Leroy Raffel graduated from the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania.

It wasn’t until the 1950s that the brothers purchased their uncle’s restaurant equipment business and founded Raffel Brothers, Inc., an industry leader in providing food service consulting and restaurant equipment for operators.

It was Thursday, July 23, 1964, when the brothers opened their first Arby roast beef sandwich shop in Boardman, Ohio. After being unable to use the name “Big Tex,” they called the shop “Arby’s” to use the initials “R” and “B” from Raffel Brothers.

Arby’s was positioning itself as an “upper scale” quick service restaurant by selling roast beef sandwiches at affordable prices compared with McDonald’s hamburgers. By the late 1960s, The Raffel Brothers had over 300 locations across more than 40 states, thanks in part to the success of the first store. It set the precedent with spaces that had a welcoming dining atmosphere, a fresh line of sandwiches and a very strong brand culture.

Arby’s franchise cost: what can new Arby’s potential franchisees expect?

According to Arby’s:

You get the strength of a brand with a 45-year history of doing things different and better. You get unparalleled marketing, franchising, and operational support. And best of all, you get to join one of the most loyal franchise families in the restaurant business, a group of go-getters who want you to succeed and will do whatever it takes to help get you there. Sound like a place you can call home?


It’s the second-biggest sandwich restaurant brand in the world. The 45-year history is an attractive pull for new franchisees because this makes it an established brand with a huge customer base and strong sales.

The business model has been evolving over the past 55 years to ensure that every franchisee will benefit quickly. In order to make Arby’s restaurants easier to run and maintain, every aspect of the purchasing, storage, training, and management processes have been streamlined as part of new franchisee orientation. 

Arby’s argues that all of this makes it an accessible franchise opportunity and a positive overall experience. New franchisees who work hard can expect to feel part of the Arby family quickly.

When you buy a franchise, you become a part of a system. The majority of franchise systems offer training so that new franchisees can quickly master the business. Franchisees at Arby’s must attend a “New Franchisee Orientation (NFO)” which consists of either a one- to two-day classroom program. Other than travel, lodging, and meals, there is no cost associated with this program.

In addition to multi-unit operators and retailers, Arby’s is looking for franchise candidates with a success record. New franchisees interested in applying are also encouraged to do so. However, they must either have licensed, experienced restaurant operators on their team or complete an extensive training program.

As a restaurant business, Arby’s has focused almost entirely on sandwiches, with roast beef sandwiches being the signature menu item. One good thing for new franchisees to bear in mind is that Arby’s has a sensible price point, with customers coming back time and time again for affordable, tasty meals.

Arby’s franchise cost: what is the total investment and fee level?

The initial franchise fee for having your own business as an Arby’s franchisee is $37,500. For any new restaurants you open, you can expect to pay $12,500.

When it comes to investment levels (startup costs) , you are looking at:

  • From $336,500 to $927,900 for a leasing arrangement
  • From $750,000 to $2,474,400 for purchase of land building arrangements

The above Arby’s franchise cost ranges cover the initial license fee of $37,000 (before you open a second restaurant).

The additional fees are not beyond the reach of most people. The royalty fee for an Arby’s franchisee is normally set to 4% of the gross sales a business makes. This is pretty fair for a fast food franchise, compared to the up to 5% McDonald’s can charge. Further additional fees are approxiately 4.2% for advertising and marketigng.

Finally, Arby’s requires that new franchisees for any new openings have a net worth of $1,000,000.

Veterans as Arby’s franchisees

As a member of VetFran, Arby’s provides career opportunities for honorably discharged or wounded veterans. Vets enjoy reduced development fees (normally $12,500, but only $6,250 for vets) when they open Arby’s restaurants. They also benefit from a waived initial license fee and a reduced royalty fee of 1% for the first year.

A good investment?

In its Franchise Disclosure Document for 2020, Arby’s reports EBITDAR (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization, and rent/real property costs) of $246,192 per restaurant. This figure is based on 1,111 units. Total sales have reached $4 billion across 3,500 locations in 2019.

Even with COVID putting pressure on hospitality in general, Arby’s seems to be a market opportunity that is well worth considering.

The next step

Head on over to the franchising page to get in touch with the team that works with new franchisees.


  • You’ll be given a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to review
  • You will fill out an application and Arby’s will run a financial check and background checks
  • The Franchising and Operations leadership will meet with you and have a discussion about your experience in the industry
  • A discussion will take place around territories for you to set up in
  • After final approval a Development Agreement (DA) will be given to you to sign
  • Once the DA is signed and the fees are paid the building and construction team will begin working with you to build your restaurant

I see Arby’s as being a solid franchise offer. It does take some considerable investment at first, but it’s an established, reliable business that is continuously expanding.

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13 Must-Read Cleaning Franchise Reviews (2021)

If you’re thinking about taking on a cleaning franchise opportunity and owning your own business, this list of cleaning franchise reviews is for you.

I’ve analysed the top franchise opportunities in cleaning services in the US right now and each one has a special franchise business review. These cleaning franchise reviews highlight the very best franchises that have made many people successful business owners. Many of them allow franchisees to develop a positive work-life balance. The services are in high demand, and present a great business opportunity.

You’ll learn:

  • The initial investments and financials you can expect for each opportunity
  • What the franchises require from you
  • Key insights about buying your own franchise

Let’s get right into the cleaning franchise reviews.

Merry Maids

Financial: You must have a net worth of over $90,000

Other considerations: real estate and rent expenses, equipment costs, license and permit fees, uniform costs, insurance costs, etc.

Initial investments: $86,750 – $123,750

Liquid Cash Requirement: $37,500

Initial Franchise Fee: $37,500 – $51,500

Ongoing Royalty Fee: 5 – 7%

Ad Royalty Fee: 1.3%

This service is intended for residential customers, so we’re not talking deep cleaning. However, the franchise is well known, and has plenty of history behind it. Merry Maids also provides over 75 hours of training. 

Molly Maid

Financial: Net worth of over $110,000

Total Initial Investment: $89,200–$137,200

No. Existing Locations: 475

Royalty Fees: 6.5%

Agreement Length: 10 years

Another residential cleaning franchise, Molly Maid, requires a little more investment. In return, it offers nearly 150 hours of training. Molly Maid asks that you have 14 employees in order to run your own operation.

Maid Simple

Total Initial Investment: $10,595

No. Existing Locations: 17

Royalty Fees: 19%

Agreement Length: 10 years

This is a two-tier service opportunity, because it is a residential service like the first two on our list, so you’re looking at a franchise that cleans and dusts and so on. What makes Maid Simple a little different is the fact that it also offers enhanced cleaning, such as silverware, appliances cleaning and so on.


Initial investments: $3,985 – $51,105

Net-worth Requirement: $1,000 – $14,000

Initial Franchise Fee: $2,520 – $44,000

Ongoing Royalty Fee: 10%

Jacques Lapointe found the Jan-Pro Cleaning company in 1991 in Providence, Rhode Island. Over the following year, Jan-Pro started franchising, offering both master franchises and single-unit franchises, and has since expanded to over 10,000 franchise units across the United States and Canada. Several types of businesses use Jan-Pro franchisees, including car dealerships, gyms, banks, churches, schools, and offices. A company initiative to “Clean Greener” encourages the use of cleaners containing fewer chemicals to achieve greater cleaning effectiveness.


Buildingstars, Inc. assists with commercial cleaning. Among the markets the company provides services to are the medical, financial, and educational industries. Based in Maryland Heights, Missouri, Buildingstars was founded in 1994. Buildingstars also offer financial services. 

Initial investments: $2,245 – $53,200

Net-worth Requirement: $500

Liquid Cash Requirement: $1,000

Initial Franchise Fee: $995 – $46,995

Ongoing Royalty Fee: 10%

Stratus Building Solutions

Initial investments: $4,350 – $72,850

Net-worth Requirement: $5,000 – $40,000

Liquid Cash Requirement: $2,000 – $20,000

Initial Franchise Fee: $3,600 – $62,100

Ongoing Royalty Fee: 5%

Commercial cleaning franchise Stratus Building Solutions is a great company that services businesses in the United States. They offer janitorial services, green service selection, carpet cleaning, and more.

There are a variety of clients, including schools, medical offices, shopping centers, warehouses, dealerships, religious centers, professional offices, daycares, retail stores, gyms, and more. In Hollywood, California, the company was founded in 2006. It has regional offices in the USA.

Anago Cleaning Systems

Startup costs: $219K

Total Investment: $219K-$339K

This franchise offers a Veterans discount

In 1989, Anago Cleaning Systems was founded and franchised in 1991. Since then, the company has grown to over 1500 locations. It was also ranked as the second highest franchise under $50K in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 50 Franchises Under $50K, the 33rd highest franchise in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 ranking, and the 14th fastest growing franchise.


Start up cost: $16K

Total Investment: $16K-$24K

360clean leads the commercial cleaning industry with some truly innovative technologies. As a medical focused cleaning company, 360clean offers clients a health-oriented cleaning service. Since franchising the concept in 2008, 360clean has offered this service to all commercial clients. No other cleaning franchise provides its franchise owners with such a turnkey solution and an unmatched customer growth program. And you will note the low financial threshold too.

Advanced Degree Carpet Cleaning

Initial Investment: $53,070 – $72,390

Net-Worth Requirement: $85,000

Liquid Cash Requirement: $40,000

Total Investment: $53,070 – $72,390

This franchise offers a Veterans discount 

Franchisees can offer a variety of services, including carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, water extraction, and wood floor deep cleaning (after mastering the core competencies). Besides intensive training, a senior technician from the home office who also keeps a video and document library available provides onsite follow-up.

All Pro Cleaning Systems

Initial Investment: $100,000

Net-worth Requirement: $200,000

Liquid Cash Requirement: $75,000

A recognized star among our cleaning franchise reviews, and based in the Greater Lowell Area, All Pro Cleaning Systems offers a full range of commercial cleaning services. In the region, they service commercial, industrial, municipal, clean room, laboratory, and retail facilities.

Monthly, weekly, or daily services are available. Everything from general maintenance cleaning to floor stripping is available to clients.

This franchise has an extensive training program that includes work on:

  • Setting up appointments with potential customers.
  • Creating a detailed proposal.
  • Securing new customers and signing them up successfully.
  • Promoting the services you will perform for your clients to find and sign Service Providers (independent contractors).
  • Training an appointment setter/sales assistant to make your first visit appointments with potential clients.
  • The importance of hiring and managing an Outside Sales Executive when you scale your business faster.
  • Management of financial resources.


Initial Investment: $36,950

Net-Worth Requirement: $23,000

Liquid Cash Requirement: $23,000

This franchise offers a Veterans discount 

This one is a real heart-warming story in our collection of cleaning franchise reviews. It was founded by Bryan Weinstein in early 2011 when he lit up his barbecue for the first time on his patio.

A disgustingly dirty barbecue that he saw when he opened the hood had not only brought to his attention that it needed a cleaning but also that there must be a large untapped market of people that needed the same thing.


Initial Investment: $52,500 to $76,118

Liquid Cash Requirement: $25,000

Total Investment: $52,500 to $76,118

The company provides antimicrobial solutions that remove harsh odors from your home, office, or vehicle. Biosweep offers solutions for eliminating odors, sanitizing surfaces, and decontaminating surfaces. These solutions are safe, effective, and quick to apply.

Casey’s Cleaning

Initial Investment: $15,000

Net-Worth Requirement: $20,000

Liquid Cash Requirement: $5,000

Total Investment: $20,000

Domestic cleaning business that can have franchisees up and running in under a month. This offer has a low start-up cost (it even says you can use your home for office space) and provides full training and ongoing support.

Cleaning Franchise Reviews: Buying a franchise

Cleaning services

As a franchise owner, you work for yourself, but not alone. A business or brand that is already successful has franchised in order to expand rapidly, but has selected a franchise system business model that involves local business owners. These business owners are expected to represent the company and the brand name.

In exchange for ownership of a proven business, prospective franchisees invest a franchise fee. All franchisee business owners should be provided with all the tools needed to make a successful, profitable business. Franchise owners (franchisees) can expect full support from corporate headquarters, use of the brand, advice and encouragement from the franchisor as part of the franchise agreement.

In addition, they take on a proven business model that ensures the right suppliers are in place. Other benefits include excellent customer services to help with any problems, and support systems every step of the way, which are built on proven success.

It is important to remember that many of the opportunities above require little to no industry experience from a franchisee. When they make the offer of a franchise, if the person has no experience, there is usually a solid training program to onboard with.

Franchise companies usually make all the wrong business decisions before they offer themselves for sale to franchisees, so that you, as a franchisee, don’t have to. As long as you share the franchise company’s core values and work ethic, it should be a successful business that you can run for years.

Buying a franchise has many benefits. For a start, you will be your own boss. The product won’t be a concern. It’s not important how much you charge for your services. No need to design a logo or write sales materials. You will not have to worry about any of this since they will handle it for you. 

You will start the business with the help of a network of people who can help you make the business a success, as well as testimonials from clients across the country. There is a huge franchise community that can offer advice and support. With cleaning services becoming such a popular area, you can expect a huge amount of help in that challenging first year.

With many of these opportunities, you should be able to work to your own schedule, setting up the business and helping it grow full time. Then many franchisees, once things are settled, can even work part time.